About Us

Since Max Myanmar Construction was established in 1993, we have achieved a good reputation for excellence based on our focus on strict quality control and meeting completion targets. We are known for reliability and for our innovative leadership in the construction industry.

We have achieved consistent success in meeting the demands of a wide scope of works spread across the country because of a leadership strategy founded on through project formulation, well- planned organization disciplined financial management and overall human resources development.

We care for the safety and welfare of our staff who work relentlessly and arduously for the satisfaction of the customer but also we are always mindful of the environment and of the communities within which we live and work. With the exciting changes that are underway in Myanmar and led by our talent and experienced professionals; we are embracing the challenges presented by the higher specification, more internationalized and competitive construction market that is emerging. We are determined to maintain our position of leadership within the industry.

Our Vision

To exceed global expectations and be a LEADER in quality, efficiency, innovation, sustainable development and continued propsperity.

Our Mission

Providing the utmost services for the satisfaction of the client in terms of quality, cost and time. Embrace the challenges presented by international- ized, higher specification and more competitive market that is emerging.

Our Core Value

Client satisfaction is our strength. Financial, Social, Safety, Health, Better Working Envi- ronment and Facilities shall be created and continues to initiate various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for our Society.