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History of Max Myanamar Construction Company

Max Myanmar Construction Co., Ltd was incorporated in 1997 and has successfully built and accomplished diversity of construction projects. Our business includes design, build and management of construction projects. We provide quality sustainable construction together with good project management and innovative construction ideas for both private and public projects.

Our projects comprise of Port Extension project (Earthworks), Dams and Reservoirs, Residential, Upgrading, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Residential Development Projects, High-Rise Building, Infrastructures,
Factories, Educational, Social, Health, Recreational, Office Buildings and Hotels. Construction is also gaining a strong foothold in land redevelopment and infrastructure investment opportunity as a developer. We invest heavily to improve on the productivity of our business as this is the niche for the construction industry to grow steadily. It allows us to enjoy significant and sustainable cost benefits as compare to our peers in this industry. This achievement is testament to our company’s effort to push for sustainability via the inclusion of specific energy and environmental-friendly features and practices.

We also gained tremendous momentum in development with our vision “To exceed global expectations, and be a LEADER in innovation, efficiency, sustainable development and continued prosperity.” In addition, as we believe employee is the greatest asset for our business growth and success, we develop our people by providing technical and functional trainings all the year round. Basing on this strong belief, Max Myanmar Construction has overcome many hurdles during this nineteen over years in this industry. It is the perseverance, endurance and strong believes in our attitude that brings Max Myanmar Construction to this summit and also into the future.