Max Construction's Services

Throughout our history, Max Myanmar Construction has always placed top priority on the completion of high-quality projects and has been well-known for the skills and spirits of our work attitude. Our safe, secure, and comfortable ways of services depend on various elements of high rise buildings, social infrastructure, plumbing and sanitary, electricity and gas services essential for home life; transportation infrastructure, including roads & railways and safety services like dams and levees that minimize damages from natural phenomena including earthquakes and flood. Over many years, we manage and deliver building construction projects and provide services. Since our inception in 1997, we have handled a wide range of construction projects, in the private and public sectors.

Mindful of our responsibilities as Main contractor, we strive to secure high quality, safety, comfort, effective costs, efficient designs and environmental friendliness throughout the project life cycle. We do so by applying our techniques and expertise as construction professionals to realize long-lasting customer satisfaction that surpass all expectations. In addition to fulfill customer goals, our proposals reflect imperative to increase the value of each building. Through valuable engineering, we review the construction designs, specifications and drawings to derive cost savings through improvements in construction methods and sequences. By partnering us in your projects, we will help you realize your development dreams and power sustainable growth.

Services offering to our clients as below

  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Urban Planning, Design and Development Management
  • Design and Build Services
    • Building
    • Infrastructure
    • Landscaping Services, etc.
  • Project Consultancy Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Quality Control Management